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Engineering Services
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Advanced engineering for your project management

Our mission: to achieve the customer satisfaction, ensuring efficient performance, applying innovative and reliable methodologies and solutions and pursuing continuous improvement of our systems design and construction business.

Secis: since 1995 a lot of experience in engineering for an advanced management of of the customer projects. Our methodologies always follow quality certificates protocols, security and strict control of all processes.


All activities are performed in accordance with the strict protocols set and certified by our Quality Management System.

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Some of our significant achievements that we have seen work successfully with multidisciplinary expertise and professionality.

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For each contract is always dimensioned professional Team and adequate technical specification to its complexity.

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Realized works

In this section you will find some of our designs, ordered in various types of achievement. To view the images for specific details, explore the pages of the menu on the right. For a detailed listing of individual distinct works for customer, accompanied by technical details and photos, browse the pages of the menu below. See all works


Collagen manufacturing facility

Penicillin production module inside the factory

Refrigerated warehouse

Support structures and foundations for nitrogen tanks